Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a few things I've enjoyed lately

Best necrobestiality scene of 2012!

The Cabin in the Woods
Do whatever you can to go into this knowing nothing about its contents. I liked the movie very much, even though one of the actors in it slept with an ex-girlfriend of mine (while we were still dating). That says something, that that didn't ruin the movie for me, don't you think?

The Avengers
Joss Whedon is on fire. He's well on the road to making it irrelevant that his name is "Joss Whedon."

"Fight for Your Right Revisited" (q.v.)
Watched this again last night. Best thing the Beastie Boys had done in years, and arguably one of the best things they ever did. Written and directed by the late MCA.

the reinvention of government at the end of Family Guy's Tea Party episode
Family Guy has some of the smartest, funniest writers in the business. (Yes, I saw that episode of South Park, too. We all saw it.)

( ) by Sigúr Ros
Somebody once told me that Sigúr Ros was making some of the most beautiful music ever recorded. Based just on this one album, I would say yes, they are.

Boogie Nights
Wasn't too excited about this when I saw it in theaters. Saw it again recently. It's great.

The Occasional
Funny or Die has a humor magazine out now—iPad only, I think, and it definitely takes advantage of the new medium. The first issue had some hilarious stuff in it, and it's really nice to have a humor magazine out.

You could edit this movie down to a 20-minute short, and I might make an argument for its being one of the best things Spielberg ever did.

Mack attack.

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