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A. Alternate 1985 is "the $1,015 blog" because of this.*
A. The best ways to navigate this effectively unnavigable mess are:
  1. the "Blog Archive," which you'll find somewhere down that sidebar on the right,
  2. the periodic "recaps," which you can find by clicking here, or
  3. the "subjects," also listed on that right-hand sidebar, which might in fact be the best way to poke around, although for most part they have silly, user-unfriendly names like "the lick it / stick it conundrum" (sex), "the sausage industry" (books and literature), and "W.C. Fields" (restrooms).
A. I've tried to answer the question, "What is this blog," on several (probably far too many) occasions (e.g.), but no answer is complete or satisfactory because the best answer to the question is probably either, "It's eclectic," or, "It's just a bunch of random shit I've written." Some of it tries to be thoughtful, some of it tries to be funny, some of it tries to challenge our assumptions and really look at the things we've become deadened to, some of it is just crazy ranting. (One loyal reader recently told me that I am "too hard" on The New Yorker's cartoon caption contest, which is probably true—peel here and see.)
     And it may be precisely for that reason—that (a) it's so difficult to pin down what this blog is, such that (b) even people who like it are sometimes like, "Well, I like this part of it," or, "I like it when you do this with it"—I've recently spun off two new blogs that you maybe ought to read instead of this one (which probably, having reproduced, is only going to shrivel up and die, or at least get crazier and crazier):
  • Movies I Don't Remember, in which I summarize, from memory, movies that I have seen but don't actually remember, and
  • Special Factoids, in which I experiment with a kind of intensely personal (but at the same time not especially personal) kind of self-exploration in a mode that is exhaustive, obsessive, Rain Manly, and—at least on the surface of it—arguably about as boring as can be. (Check it out!)
A. You can also check me out on Twitter [q.v.].

(via Headfoot, a whole 'nother tin of eels)

Before that, it was "the meaning of life in easy installments."